Maximize Value. Elevate Your Experience. Enjoy Your Trip.

You’re terrible at writing!”

Ow! That burns.

But that’s what my advisor said straight to my face. Tough love here.

Me in conversation with my advisor

I was in grad school. You know, on my way to become the next Marie Curie. Conducting experiments*, running analysis**, running marathon***, then authoring scientific papers.

Once in a while I also get to fly overseas to present my work at international conference.

Me when I get to fly overseas for conference

Contrary to grad students stereotype I have friends outside academia. I do, I promise. Friends that has limited vacation days yet want to maximize their holiday experience; something I’m very practiced at.

All about efficiency baby. #OccupationalHazard

I get asked a number of times on how to apply for US visa, food recommendations in Kyoto, what to see in Seoul, how to pack for travels in winter, what to do during layover in Dubai, etc.

With my long lab hours and regular gym sessions, people also want to know when do I even have time for sleep.
hg2fcrtGeez guys and gals, don’t you know there’s Google search for everything?

I usually write them a list or share the Excel files I created.

Lucky for you, now that I have finished grad school I have the bandwidth to publish them as blog posts. Because I now live on a beach in Thailand with my husband****.

So, this blog is for you. You nosy but savvy, information-hungry millennials who can’t wait to jet off to your next holiday destination.

Maximize value. Elevate your experience. Enjoy your trip.


Here’s three things you won’t find in this blog:

  • Restaurant and cafe reviews
  • How to travel to X country with less than $Y budget
  • Cute cat photos, sorry 😦

*no cats or mices were hurt in the process

**which exposed me to radiation, but the safe ones unlike Thomas Edison’s staff

***true story, I finished Kyoto Marathon with the same glory as I finished my thesis defense

****nope, it’s alternative fact


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