February Link Pack

A collection of links from the Internet that I found informative or amusing.

1) PhD Movie 2

If you’re, or at some point was, a graduate student this movie will make you nod and laugh.

2) Hidden Motors in a Bicycle

GCN explains the principal of mechanical doping in detail. The mechanical doping issue recently hit the world of pro cycling, where a rider was caught by the governing body.

3) How Much Clothing Do Pro Cyclists Get?

Answer: more than a dozen. Never have to worry about laundry!

4) The Secret Pro

Beyond the expensive bike setup, fancy cycling kits and gears of pro cyclist, I find it intriguing to know the happenings, issues, and dissatisfactions of an insider. It’s like poking into someone’s head.

5) US Women Soccer Qualifies for 2016 Rio Olympic

Having extra time in hands after graduating, I recently started following women soccer. As I normally play personal sports as opposed to team sports, watching soccer instilled in me a newfound appreciation for teamwork, specifically in competitive sports. Congrats USWNT!

What do you found interesting on the internet this month?


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